Network Marketing Success Tips from the late Jim Rohn Pt. 4

This is the last of the mini-series of my collection of the late Jim Rohn’s wisdom that has significantly impacted on my business life.

I’d like to start with one of his most important personal philosophies – it is the set of the sails that determines our destiny as the same wind blows on us all. He talked about the wind of disaster, the political wind, the social wind, etc.  It is not what happened that determines our future, he said. We need to be able to correct errors of mis-judgement and set sails for a different outcome.

This message is EMPOWERING as he stated that the next two years can be drastically different from the last two if you wish to!

With this personal philopsophy as foundation, anyone can change their circumstances!


Jim’s philosophy is that if you don’t know that, you will remain in the same situation year after year. Nothing seems to be posssible!

Profits are Better than Wages

This is another empowering knowledge that Jim learned. Using the power of leverage in network marketing, Jim managed to built his network marketing empire the right way.

He built his business part time whilst he was having a full time job. His philosophy that profits are better than wages resulted in his using his time wisely. He was working full time for a living; part time on his fortune!

The Magic of Part Time

By focusing clearly according to the Law of Sowing and Reaping, Jim quickly was earning as much money  working part time in network marketing as he was earning full time in his job.

He later achieved his second goal when he was earning twice the money in his part-time network markeing business as he was working full time in his job.

The magic of starting part time is that Jim created his very own incredible invitation! When other people noticed that he had two new cars, one for his wife and one for him, he had a story to tell.

By the time the part time income doubled his full time one, the story was even more powerful:

“I found a way, through a unique opportunity, and am now earning twice as much the money as I am working full time. Did you want o hear about it?”

The ‘Electrifying Story”

By having fast results, Jim was able to invite others to take  alook at what he was doing by telling this ‘electrifying story’ of his that he used until he changed to become a full time network marketer.

He joked about having to reluctantly give up his story!

The Logic Behind this Part Time Trick

Jim explained that a thousand dollars extra income would make a difference to people’s lives. It was the change in lifstyle that had the powerful impact on others. While earning  an extra thousand dollars may not capture other people’s attention, earning a thousand dollars working part-time has a much bigger impact.

Key Takeaways for Network Marketing Success

1)   A totally differently reality is possible for the future if that is what we want

(“Enough is enough”)

2)  Learning  from past errors and re-setting the sail if necessary

3)  Creating early success stories to make the invitaion ‘electrifying’

4)  Having faith in this Success Journey by consistently doing the right things

Sharing Your Insights

Has Jim’s philosophy helped you in any way during your Network Marketing Success Journey?

Feel free to share experiences and/or insights so that other people can be empowered and inspired too.

May you all embrace Jim’s philosophy and live a GOOD LIFE.

“The greatest value in life is Living a Good Life.” — Jim Rohn


Viola Tam,

Your MLM Success Coach

Queen of Hearts

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20 Responses to Network Marketing Success Tips from the late Jim Rohn Pt. 4

  1. Damayanthi says:

    Hi Viola,

    Thanks for this post. Jim Rohn is my very first personal development mentor. I can listen to him all day & yes his philosophy helped me with my personal and business life.


    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Damayanthi,

      Thanks for dropping by and adding your voice here. Like many others who have had a chance to learn from him, our personal and business life is anchored in a great foundation.

      Feel free to re-visit my site and share more insights 🙂

      Viola Tam

  2. Radu says:

    Hey Viola,
    Jim Rohn was a great man 🙂 A true inspiration for many people, that’s for sure.
    Great way to start the blog post- the same wind blows on us all. We have different talents and abilities but we all can grow with equal chances. The idea is to embrace life with all that offers now, and start with an attitude of gratitude. If we still are here on this life experience, why not make it a great one?

    Network Marketing allows to everyone who understands the law of sawing and reaping to succeed. No exceptions. Every day is an opportunity for that 🙂

    Thanks Viola for sharing! Your passion for people and this industry shines through your words. Keep going!
    Be blessed,

    • Viola Tam says:

      Hey Radu,

      A true inspiration indeed! When I started out with this mini-series, I realized that it is near impossible for me to have all his interconnected philosphies included. Yet, I started anyway as my way of honouring him.

      You are right about the attitude of gratitude and putting the focus on our talents and abilities. As Jim remarked, anyone can choose to start living a good life! The most important thing is AWARENESS that this is truly possible.
      As network marketers, we can promote this concept and assist many others to help many more others. I guess, to most people, this means a rewarding and rich life experience 🙂

      I appreciate you compliments, Radu. I am blessed to bew a friend of yours. Your insights and passion for helping others make you an excellent network marketer and coach. This has nothing to do with your relatively young age 🙂

      Viola Tam

  3. Maria Eves says:

    Jim Rohn is a powerful individual and a privilege to have learnt so much from him over my lifetime, Viola.

    I have to agree with Radu…Gratitude takes presidence…being thankful for the simplist things. To give is to receive. “Anyone can choose to start living a good life! The most important thing is AWARENESS that this is truly possible”.

    What a great way to honour someone Viola gratitude to you.for sharing…

    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Maria,

      I appreciate your insights. Indeed it is a privilege to have learnt so much from Jim.

      Regarding gratitude and giving, I would like to shre this quote with you:

      “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” — Winston Churchhill

      Viola Tam

  4. Hi Viola,

    JR might be THE personal development guru of all time. He is as popular as anybody in the niche, for good reason!

    His teachings are simple and timeless. Sow. Reap. Give freely, receive generously. Devote your time and energy to giving freely and awesome things happen in your life.

    Thanks for sharing!


    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Ryan,

      I agree that JR might be THE personal edvelopment guru of all time! His simple philosophies may not be new but he has a real talent in articulating it in such a way that many people get it.
      He used story telling a lot… and his is an expert in the use of languages. All these added dimension to his giving 🙂

      Thank you for sharing, not only your view points, but your writing style too! “Sow. Reap. Give freely, recieive generously.” – very powerful message!

      Viola Tam

  5. Adrienne says:

    I love Jim Rohn Viola. I love the way he gives us real life lessons with his teaching.

    He was a great man and a powerful inspiration for so many people. His lessons can be used really in anything we want to accomplish in life.

    The same wind blows on us all. Gosh, that’s so very true and even though we are all different in our talents and abilities we are all given the same opportunities and it’s how we choose to deal with them which is the true lesson here.

    I’m always about having an attitude of gratitude. Be thankful for what you have and the opportunities that have been presented to you. Move forward with a giving heart and so much will come back to you.

    Thank you for sharing this message with us Viola! Your passion for helping others and the love of network marketing rings true in every post.

    Best to you,


    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Adrienne,

      I could not agree more what you have shared here! I particularly like the point about our individual differences. Often, we see people from different backgrounds and personalities succeed in the SAME network marketing opportunity. Why? Probably is Jim’s philosophy in action. They managed to embrace the wind and succeed.

      I appreciate your kind words about my view on network marketing. There are quite interesting perspectives on this industry that is stopping some people from checking out this industry. The consequence? Not aware that life need not be the same as 2 years ago! Not knowing that they too deserve an abundant life. We (as insiders), I believe, have a moral obligation to share the truth. With this regard, my highest respect goes to Tim Sales! He has contributed so much to get people really understnad this business model called “MLM”.

      You have such a giving heart too, Adrienne. I have learned so much from your numerous blog posts too 🙂

      Viola Tam

  6. Great post Viola,

    Jim Rohn was such a great example on how you can start working your online business part time until it reaches a point where you can leave you J.O.B. (just over broke) situation 🙂

    With a story like his, he was bound to build a super powerful and fast list which brought him to the top.

    Thanks for this and have a great day 🙂

    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Sylviane,

      Thank you for stopping by and sharing your insights.

      Jim’s emphasis on starting part time is a wonderful way to keep our team members. With the simple yet powerful strategy that he taught, small successes will come. With those come bigger and bigger successes.
      This is the reason why he could rise to the top from a humble beginning! I am not sure if he had his ‘list’ whilst he was building his network marketing empire. One thing for certain is that he served many to get to the top.

      Feel free to return for the upcoming tips from Mark Yarnell.

      Viola Tam

  7. Hello Viola

    This was a great article to read. The fact Jim Rhon didn’t leave his job until he was earning twice what he was in his “real” job speaks volumes for anyone in this business.

    He has such a lot to give anyone would be missing out not learning from him.

    Thanks Viola


    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Dennis,

      Well said! You have picked one of the most important point relating to network marketing success. Many people cannot see the possibility of earning the same amount in a MONTH they used to eran in a year! And… this is only the beginning of the amazing exponential growth that follows.

      Our new member orientation includes a session explaining about a typical “MLM profit curve” compared to a (relatively static) “wages curve” and a (roller-coaster) “small business profit curve”. It is only when people fully understand the major differences that they are willing (and even KEEN) to stay on for our recommended 12-month program.

      I agree on your ‘missing out’ view. Do let your friends know about this post if yopu feel that this can empower them to move forward in life.

      Viola Tam

  8. “Profits are better than wages.” I definitely agree with that statment. Jim Rohn has had a tremendous impact in my life. The world is worse offf without him, but heaven is a little bit better because he is up there. Thanks for sharing some of his wisdom.


    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Chuck,

      Yes, I am pleased to hear that Jim has had a tremendous impact on your life. His legacy lives on as many great leaders like Tony Robbins continue to spread his teachings.

      I appreciate your dropping by 🙂

      Viola Tam

  9. Dear Viola,

    Another great post filled with actionable value from Jim Rohn! Great series!

    I have always found so much value in the concise wisdom delivered by Mr. Rohn. There’s wisdom in the simplicity.

    I think that this especially resonates for me because the truth is that things do not have to be difficult or complex. It’s a matter of being open to the new and willing to apply veraciously!



    • Viola Tam says:

      Hey Cat,

      I do appreciate your always adding value to my posts 🙂

      Yes, too often, people complicate things! THe truth is, as long as we get the mental blocks cleared, we will be open and receptive to new ideas. The next post that I have written is actually on this ‘Paradigm Shift’. If you have not had achance to read that yet, feel free to do so. I’d love to hear your insights.

      There are plenty of proven success paths to follow. As Brian Tracy says “Success is Predictable”. We just need to be disciplined and focused.

      Thank you again for dropping by. I value your sharing, Cat 🙂

      Viola Tam

  10. Alan Hands says:

    Great tips – I really enjoyed reading them. I heard Jim telling the part-time income story a few years back and it is such a powerful one! Thanks for this little series.

    • Viola Tam says:

      Hi, Alan,

      Thank you for sharing. Jim’s story of the sower has helped many many to realize that it is wise to ‘stay in the field’. Focus on the RIGHT STEPS instead of concerned about WHY people quit after just a few objections, WHY some people have so many excuses, etc.
      I really like his sense of humor when he mentioned that “I wouldn’t sign up for thatr class” (the class for finding WHY is this happening).

      Repeat listening is certainly a great learning strategy as we tend to miss some gems in the first round.

      Have a great day, Alan.

      Viola Tam

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