Work-at-Home Mums – Why Network Marketing?

Stay at Home Mum – Why Network Marketing?

Dear friends, if you have watched the short welcome video or have been following my blog for a little while, you probably have realized that I am passionate about the Network Marketing Profession.

Today, I would like to have a bit of focus on options for a stay at home mum (working at home moms). What exactly are available out there?

Let’s dive in!

Stay at Home Mum – Get a Part Time Job

I have come across a lot of stay at home mum who would like to contribute financially to the family income. Most of the mums that I know manage to do so by trading their time and take on a little part time job. Given that the economy is strong, this is certainly one of the easiest ways to earn money in USA, UK, Australia, etc. Many stay at home mums take on jobs such as childcare worker, aged care worker, nursing, receptionist, office assistant, retail sales representative, manager, data entry, waitress, etc. Not bad to bring in a couple of hundred dollars for a stay at home mum.

For those stay at home mums who value the time with their children, they may take on jobs such as a nanny for other mums’ children. They may do gardening, ironing or other personal care services for other families. There are certainly options for a stay at home mum.

Stay at Home Mum – Get Paid for Their Passion

A stay at home mum may follow her passion and earn some good money from that. A typical example is selling cakes, candles, personalized gifts and other craft. The way it works is usually by holding stalls at school fetes or other market stalls. Another option is to have in-home get together workshops or home parties. As you can imagine, this way, the wealth creation part is enjoyable. Stay at home mums are doing things that they love! Again, not bad for a stay at home mum.

Some stay at home mums with entrepreneurial mindset actually go one step further by embracing the internet. This way, they can have a bit more time freedom. For example, a stay at home mum may choose to do freelance copy writing and editing (who is a “Freelancer”?), web design, graphic design, personal coaching, online tutorials, etc. For the mums who are selling material goods, they can also leverage on the internet and sell more while they are not physically at a home-party.

Usually, the stay at home mum can earn a good income using their time wisely whilst her children are at school. By the time the children are old enough, they may choose to take on  their passion as their life-long career. Again, not bad for a stay at home mum.

Stay at Home Mum – Online Opportunities

I am a network marketer who has online been online for about two year. While I was searching for ways in doing network marketing online, I have also discovered that there are other means in earning extra money online.  

I am certainly not an expert in the following area but I know that money can be made through these means:

1) Do Affiliate Marketing – the idea is to promote products or services for other people’s products. Two of the most popular channels are using ClickBank (promoting e-Products) and Amazon (books and other products). The beauty is: No investment is needed if you can do FREE marketing/world of mouth marketing well. No website is required. Read more about Amazon Affiliate Program.

2) Promote E-Products – products such as a e-Book or a e-Course can be promoted using a website or a blog. This requires a one-off effort. Once the project is completed. It is done. The reward is a 24/7 income stream for a stay at home mum.

3) Do Blogging for Money – the idea is to have your own blog as your ‘Business Hub’. You can be promoting affiliate products as mentioned. Or, you can promote personal services such as website design, copy writing, blog set up services, etc. Some stay at home mums go another step and establish online membership sites. This way, the income is on-going, month after month. When there is massive amount of visitors to the site, you can charge others for placing online advertisements in your blog. This is quite an attractive option because of the relative ease in setting up an online ‘business hub’. It may, however, be a steep learning curve for a busy stay at home mum!

4) Do Network Marketing – this is my favourite choice. Yes, I know I am biased icon smile Stay at Home Mum Why Network Marketing? Read on and see if you agree!

These are the key reasons that I think it is the best option for stay at home mums:

(A) Low capital entry 

Most network marketing companies require a start up of only a couple of hundred dollars or less. In my primary company, the start up is just $49.95. If you have no money at all (or there is a shortage of a small amount), then you can sell something “unnecessery”, ask friends or apply for a small loan to a financial institution in your city. For example, one my friend from Antioch, California took a cash advance in Company and returned the money from the first profit (in a week). And now she has up to 100 sales per day on Amazon! And she passed this way in just 1 year.

(B) Low overhead or NO Overhead

Initially, the overhead could be a couple of hundred dollars for you to experience the awesome products/services that you have chosen to promote. Once you are having a small team in your organization, you are getting your products or services for free. This means that from that ‘Break Even Point’ onward, there is literally NO overhead.

(C) No Headaches

In a traditional business, there are other aspects of the business that you need to take care of. Inventory, customer inquiries,  delivery of products, staff relationships, etc. In network marketing, all we have to do is to promote. All the others would be taken care of by the network marketing company. A joyous and flexible way of doing business for a busy stay at home mum!

(D) No Age Barrier

This is a HUGE one for a ‘empty-nest’ stay at home mum. Having contributed for decades to the upbringing of her children and taking care of all family matters, they can start their Network Marketing business without worrying that they may not even get a job interview! They do not have to worry if they are ‘out-of-touch’ with what is required to be successful in business. Why? Whatever skills needed to be developed in network marketing, they probably have already got that through their parenting journey. They just need a good coach and mentor to guide them.

(E) No Glass Ceiling

For those of you who may be thinking of getting back to work after the 12-month maternity break, this message is for you. Even if you were to be able to get back to your previously high paid job, is there a glass ceiling that you need to face? Let’s face it! The gender equality battle have not been won yet.

(F) Personal Growth

Okay, after so many ‘No’s, here comes the ‘Yes’! If you know anyone at all that have succeeded in network marketing, I bet you would have noticed the huge difference in them They become more accepting. They are more sensitive to others’ needs. They communicate so much better with their family and friends. They have a positive frame of mind. They are better at time management. The list goes on! In short, they have stepped up and BECOME MORE.

The Personal Growth Journey is one that is the most precious for any stay at home mum.

Can you imagine the lesson what great life lessons the children would have learned?  Great work ethics, people skills, responsibility, goal setting and focus, to name just a few.

Personal Growth is a true blessing – to the family and the stay at home mum.

(G) Repeat Income

This means that once we have done the job once, the network marketing company is paying us again whenever a happy customer decides to place another order. This is the most brilliant part of this industry, making it possible for ANYONE to start collecting an extra paycheck. This is indeed awesome for stay at home mums as there are surely some stay at home mums who would also love to make more money from the comfort of their home.

Personally, promoting product range that can help with the family members’ health is an added bonus.

Repeat income AND with great health to enjoy it!

Other Benefits of Working From Home?

Are you at stay a home mum who is running a successful business (9 tips for growing)? If yes, what is it that you do? I hope you can share generously so that other stay at home mums can be inspired to take action too.

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