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How to Be Professional in Network Marketing for Home Business Mums

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What I’m talking about in this series of my articles are the challenges that you will be facing along the network marketing journey. If you don’t know the challenges and fail into the common traps, you will be be frustrated. If you know the challenges up front and you know the way to avoid  it, there is a greater chance that you will stay happy and relaxed. You create small successes from the start!

Professional Network Marketing

I believe some of you have been chased by network marketers to join their business or use the products that they love. Some persistent friends can be chasing you for years! I did that to my friends too.  This is because I was not taught how to do network marketing in a professional manner. By professional manner, I mean, we do listen and respect others’ personal choice. If people are not ready to make a change or not ready to listen to anything, we leave them alone.

Network marketing can be a very enjoyable journey as we explore other people’s circumstances and see if there is a way that our products and services might be a match to help them. If we know that whatever we have in hand can help our prospects, say, something that can relieve their medical condition, we could share, couldn’t we?

If people keep on doing the things that they are doing, they may stay in their predicament for life!

Be a Genuine Giver

Doing network marketing professionally means that our motive is right. It is not about the money or other rewards.  It is about how we can make others’ lives better. It is through our care and skillful questioning that others feel our love and concern for them. When we have this caring mentality in mind, prospecting is easy and full of fun. We are connecting with another human being to see whether our services can help them. Simple as that.

Respecting Others’ Decision

Being professional can be tough as we really need to respect others’ choices in life. Letting go of the outcome of prospecting is one of the skills that we must master.  As much as we would love others to embrace the products or business opportunity, there is no way that we could ‘impose’ our choice for them.

Be professional and move on to help others who needed our help AND are ready to be helped.

What is Next?

So next time, I will be talking another challenge which is a very interesting one. Network marketing is called ‘network marketing’ for a reason. We have to create ‘network’ AND to do ‘marketing’. We cannot just network or just do marketing.

Until then. See you!

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