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We Have a Better Way

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Recently I have attended the Go PRO Academy for serious Network Marketers who would like to bring their skills to another level. The organizer, Eric Worre, suggested us to use the term Network Marketing ‘profession’ instead of ‘industry’. For those who know me, you probably have got a good idea that I am a HARDCORE Network Marketing advocate. I give Eric the highest respect for his initiative and vision. 

SHOCKING Prediction by Eric Worre

As a passionate Network Marketer, it often puzzles me why is that so few people are taking advantage of this brilliant business model. Brian Tracy is one of my most respected mentors. He talks about ‘Success is Predictable’. He recently talks about ‘Learn More to Earn More’ in his blog. Why then is so few people tapping into this brilliant Network Marketing business model that has created so many world class leaders like Eric!

SHOCKING Observation by Me

I have come up with this acronym E.I.E.I.O. as in the children’s song ‘Old MacDonald’.

Perhaps we can have a bit of FUN before I dive into the more serious discussion? Click here for a short video entertainment.

Did you enjoy that video clip? I hope you did!

I believe that the main reasons why people may fail to embrace the Network Marketing Profession are:

E – Ego

I – Igorance

E – Easy way of living their life

I –  Immediate Rewards

O – Options available


What I mean is that most people live life by default. Without much planning and goal setting, they just let ‘life gets into the way’. People without a clear vision would likely choose a path that is easy for them. For example, watching television instead of self-education like what Brian mentioned in his blog. Hence, people are ignorant that there could be a better way!

For example, full time employees may not know that they can invest some 5-10 hours a week in self-education and start a part-time additional income. And, more importantly, that additional income could replace their current income, allowing them to have more options in life. When the boss decides that the job is to be axed, there is a safety net to fall back on.

Example 2, soon-to-be retirees may not know that by starting a part-time Network Marketing career, they can create an additional stream of income to supplement their superannuation income. They do not need to be fearful that they cannot afford a decent lifestyle after retirement.

Example 3, stay-at-home mums may not be aware that there are a number of ways within the Network Marketing business model for them to generate income from the comfort of their home. She can be at home with her children and feel proud about being able to contribute economically to the family.

Learn More. Earn More.

Stay tuned for my future post and I shall talk about each those five areas – Ego, Ignorance, Easy way of living life, Immediate Rewards and Options in life.

If you are in Network Marketing, do you have any ‘Learn More. Earn More’ story to share?

Any inspirational stories about leaders in your Network Marketing company?

I’d love to hear your comments.

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