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Network Marketing for Stay at Home Mums – Balancing People and Sales

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Network Without Marketing?

In the past articles, I’ve been talking about the key challenges along the way when doing network marketing professionally. This time, I’m going to cover another key points. I’m going to talk about the network marketing profession.  It is Network AND Marketing.

In my early years, I did a lot of networking but had not developed the skill to ask for the sale. I got ZERO results in my first year! The point is, we are in a business that is rewarding us by results (the sales volumes that we have created for the network marketing company because of our marketing efforts). If you are going to do a lot of networking, making a lot of friends but never share how the products and services might be able to help others, you’re never going to get paid because you have not introduced any customers or business partners into your team.

Marketing Without First Done Networking Well?

Some people, on the other hand, very much focused on marketing to such an extent that and they forget about that network marketing is a people business. Do you just market… and market… and market without actually going into why others want your services? Do people REALLY want your services? Are there emotional reasons for people wanting your services? You’re going to face challenges if you have not found out the deeper reason(s)!

To be successful in network marketing, you need to be very good at people skill. That means that you get good at really connecting with people, really listening, asking great questions and asking for the sale when it is appropriate. And, you really have to learn how to market. By this I mean, you really need to learn ways to expose your products or business opportunity to more people. This can be done by referral, can be done online, can be done by going day-to-day networking.

Network + Marketing = The Way To Go

Whatever the situation is, you got to be networking (online or offline) AND marketing. You can’t do network marketing well by just networking OR marketing. It has to be both.

Simply networking? No or little results.

Simply marketing? Not effective if marketing is not based on established relationship first.

What is Next?

Stay tuned for my next post. I will be talking about one very common challenge – lacking discipline.

Meanwhile, I would appreciate your generous sharing.

Been in a position when you market without first establishing great relationship?

What about having challenges coming up with asking others to sign up (as customer or business partner)?

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