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Options Can Be Obstacles

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I started this EIEIO Series to illustrate my own observation why it is that so few people would embrace the Network Marketing industry. If you would like to start with the first post, click here. However, each post can be read on its own.

Today’s topic – Options in life can, ironically, be obstacles!

Here, I am sharing some observation that I have noticed in Australia. I am not sure if this also reflects to life in your country.

Let’s look at the various options that we face at some typical stages in life.

Teenager Stage

In the late teenager years, students face the options of continuing education or getting a job. These options can be the main obstacles for someone with entrepreneurial mindset. Teenagers conforming to the traditional education or work options may have been groomed further down the 40-year work plan that so many people believe in.

Those two commonsense options may be the very obstacles for the creative minds.

I am glad to see that some young people are open to the option of going into owning their own business! 

University Stage

Some teenagers choose to go down the university path. In Australia, many university students have to take up part time jobs to pay for their university fee. Some have to pay for their accommodation and daily living if they are living away from home.

Being able to get a part time job for instant rewards can be very attractive. This group of young people often choose to reward themselves with lifestyle options such as clubbing, going for movies, social activities and travel.

As you can imagine, those pleasurable rewards can be obstacles for them to explore alternative career paths for them. 

Is going through university necessarily be the best option? What about vocational training? How about something totally non-traditional?

Can you imagine what could have been achieved when a university student is willing to trade PART of his or her social time to do Network Marketing?

What about instead of having a part-time JOB, take on a part-time Network Marketing BUSINESS?

Wouldn’t it be better to prepare one’s own financial future than supporting the boss’ dream?

Mature Age – with or without a family

The common options are buying a home and going for yearly vacations.

Having a mortgage often keeps the the options closed for the bread winner of the household as many people are concerned about job security. Most people tend to be happy receiving a steady paycheck from their boss. The chances of them taking risks is even smaller when they have a young family.

Most have chosen this option: Buy a car, buy a home, have a family, go to work, take vacation. REPEATING year after year.

Getting the monthly pay and the yearly vacation can be such a joyous habit that many people simply allow life to drift on for decades. When this routine way of living becomes habit, very few people would care to explore other options in life. This happens to our household too. My husband has been working for over three decades!

Can you start to see a pattern here? The initial option can be the obstacle for a better life.

Mediocrity is a curse. Where have those childhood dreams gone?

Specially for Stay-at-Home Mums

It is wonderful that there are options in life. However, are we being too comfortable to explore more?

Could life possibly be better with us choosing another option?

As soon as I realized that my husband’s boss would not be the one looking after our retirement, I started to work on getting ANOTHER source of income.

I guess it does not take a genius to realize that having just one source of income is risky. I am blessed that I actually bumped into network marketing. I got educated about the wonders of a ‘residual income’. A better term for this is actually ‘repeat income’, meaning that once the initial work is done, income will come in month after month, year after year. Wouldn’t it be wonderful that we can get a paycheck from the letter box this month, next month and every month?

Choose your options wisely, my friends.

Start from ‘Now-Hour’?

Whether or not you would like to add on something to your life depends a lot on your thinking.

Do you believe that investing part-time NOW can bring a better future?

Only YOU can answer that question.

Start from ‘NOW-Hour’ or let life goes on by default?

Are you allowing your option to be your obstacle?

I’d love to hear your views and insights.

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