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Network Marketing – Emotional Detachment

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Welcome back for another dose of Network Marketing  Success Tips!

Previously,I have covered some important factors for having a solid foundation for Network Marketing Success.  The attitude, belief, clarity and certainty are ALL factors relating to ourselves.  Today, I am going to talk about our emotion when doing prospecting.

Emotional Attachment

If you are like me who loves the Network Marketing companies products and income potential, you would probably love to have ALL of your good friends and relatives in the business as well. At the beginning of my Network Marketing Journey, I was really attached to wanting my friends to join me because of the health benefits that they could get. Or, I could see that the extra income generated could really help others in having a more secure financial future.

I would get back to friends and relatives again and again to sell the idea of anti-oxidants and wholistic health care. I was excited to share the brilliant ‘leveraged income’ idea or the ‘repeat income’ that we could get simply by referring others to premier products that worked like magic!

I was emotionally attached to the outcome. That was a great energy drainer. Time and energy should be spent on people who desire our products, NOT because we feel that they need our products or opportunity! My favourite Network Marketing trainer Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter is talented in explaining this important point (in his ‘Fat Boy’ Report).

I learned from Michael Oliver about the concept of ‘Natural Selling’. The idea is to find out if our friends or relatives have any needs and wants for what we have to offer. If yes AND when he or she is ready, there is success in our ‘selling’. If not, NO sales is lost as there isn’t any potential sale.

Emotional Detachment

Ever since I have embraced Michael Oliver’s ‘letting go of the outcome’  approach, prospecting is so much more fun!

Another famous Network Marketing trainer Jeffrey Combs also focuses a lot on training his students to be emotionally detached to the outcome. He talks about calling leads. When prospects are giving us ‘No’ as the reply, how well can we handle the ‘No’s and quickly focus back on the NEXT prospect?

Jeffrey points out that Network Marketers MUST appreciate that we are getting paid for ‘collecting decisions’. There is this timeless Law of Averages. That is, as long as we call enough people, there will be a ‘yes’ among many ‘no’s. In his training career, he noticed that many networkers became negatively affected by ‘no’s or by new network marketers who ended up doing very little. He educates others that those are all part of the process. We simply have to be emotionally detachment. Keep doing the right things (prospecting with posture and leading by example)….success is a natural progression of what we do on a daily basis.

Caring Mothers’ Problem

I have noticed that the more caring a person is, the harder is to be totally emotionally detached. Mothers are often among the most caring people in the world. They MUST learn the skills of becoming emotionally detached to the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and enjoy the ride!

Generally speaking, the closer the relationship, the harder to let go.


Often, mothers can work quite well on referral, party plan presentations and sharing with acquaintances. For example, when those people say ‘no’ to the possible solution to their health challenges, there is less feelings for them. Likewise, when those people failed to recognise the greatness of the Network Marketing business or too fearful to embrace something new, it is easier to accept that.

How to Let Go?

Here are some thoughts and helpful tips:

1) ‘Focus 100% on the prospect’s need and want, NOT on our own agenda.

2)  No’ is NOT personal. Often, it is due to the prospect’s own situation or attitude.

2)  We are paid for ‘Collecting Decisions’. The ‘yes’ and ‘no’ carry the same value.

3)  Trusting the Law of Averages – meaning that when we have the right skills, prospecting enough numbers will get us the enrollment.

4)  Trusting the process – listen and ask question for the natural progression to a ‘sale’.

5)  Trust our intuition – responding based on our intuition. We cannot say the wrong thing to the right person; nor can we say the right thing to the wrong person!

Your Thoughts and Experiences?

I’d love to hear if you also practise ‘letting go’ in prospecting.

What have been most helpful for you?

Did you have days when you were so focused on the wrong things? Please share so that others can learn from your valuable experiences!

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