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Network Marketing – Gift

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In Network Marketing, success has a lot to do with our mindset. You have probably heard that some people find it hard to ask for the sale because they feel like pressuring people to buy from them. This is particularly challenging when they themselves have been chased by others friends for other Network Marketing opportunities before.

Those mindset challenges will self sabotage a network marketer’s journey when they are prospecting.

Tim Sales describes beautifully that business is all about making our prospects’ lives better. Simple as that!

If we are in Network Marketing and do not feel that our products, services or opportunity can help others solve THEIR problems, why should our prospect want to do business with us?

We Have a Gift

In order that we can serve our prospects well, we must see our products, services or business opportunity as the ultimate gift that can help others.

It is through our love and care that others can feel that we DO have something valuable to offer.

For instance, is it not a gift for a stay at home mum to be able to look after her whole family’s health by using superior nutritional supplements? Supplement that can give the the energy that the family members needed? What about the whole family not getting sick because of the strong immune support?

From a financial point of view, how wonderful it is to be able to help other families to create an additional stream of income? For single-income families, isn’t this a great stress-buster for the bread winner? For single mums, isn’t that ideal for her to be able to be with her children whilst making money from the comfort of the home?

Our Gift to Others

We can give these three gifts to our friends and relatives, and even strangers:

1) The Gift of Attention –

We share what we know about Network Marketing and give our prospects the undivided attention. As a professional network marketer, we listen attentively to what our prospects need and want. We present. We let them see what the ‘insider secrets’ and let them judge if network marketing is for them or not.

When knowing how a person’s life could be touched by Network Marketing (products or opportunity), it is up to us if we care enough to give them the attention they deserve!

I love Tim ‘Big Al’ Schreiter’s “Social Security Story”. This amazing network marketing leader uses the story to illustrate a point! How would your friends and relatives feel when they found out at age 80 that they had been missing out on a social security payment for decades because you did not share the knowledge with them?

2) The Gift of Choice 

You have probably heard a lot about this – Network Marketing is not for everyone!

This is absolutely true. However, people deserve to know this industry from an insider’s perspective. They can then make their intelligent decision.

Why deprived them of knowing the truth?

How can someone possibly make an intelligent decision without knowing what is involved in the Success Journey?

Is their perception about having to chase friends and relative the truth?

What about having to spend crazy amount of time to get the business going? Could a mere 5 hour per week work?

What about the actual investment involved? Will previous (numerous) network marketing ‘failures’ affect the success rate?

3) The Gift of Teamwork 

Network Marketing success requires a lot of mentoring at the beginning. There is still a lot of stigma in this industry.

When we have found a  GREAT network marketing company with GREAT products or services, the next GREAT thing that one should look for is a GREAT leader.

Give new members the privilege of a great TEAM, they will feel supported and blessed to continue the journey.

Your Thoughts?

Please share your thoughts and insights!

Give others the gifts of Attention (A), Choice (C) and Team (T).

May more stay at home mums be blessed and A.C.T. for a better future!

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