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10 Reason to wait us


· You can barely see the wallpaper while you work. If you always have documents or other programs open why should you use wallpaper then?
· It is time consuming to search and set the wallpapers up.
· It takes you computer memory.
· You can get a virus downloading wallpapers on the Internet; it happens periodically, if do not block the pop-ups and perform other computer security measures.
· Wallpapers reveal you inner world, since their choice is often dictated by the sub-consciousness. An experienced psychologist, looking at your wallpaper will be able to find not only your strengths but also weaknesses.
· In order to stand out in the crowd, it is necessary to spend a lot of time to choose the most outstanding one. It is better not to use them at all in this case.
· Wallpapers distract you from work. Even looking at the beautiful and tranquil nature, you think about summer vacation, but not about the customers.
· A big boss of a large enterprise must not engage in such "nonsense" searching for pictures on your computer. It spoils the image of your personality and your company.
· Wallpaper can do harm since the bright colors get your eyes tired.
· From time to time they are getting annoying, and you have to take time to search for a new one.

The animated wallpapers have been recently brought to the web. However, they did not satisfy creators’ expectations. People do not tend to set this kind of wallpaper for their computer. There may be several reasons for this: there are sometimes problems with the installation, the sounds become annoying with the time and a running picture gets you distracted ... In addition to this, you cannot turn the wallpapers off, you can only delete them. However, every PC user who is interested in the way his/her computer look like will be always looking for a new wallpaper of the future, the perfect ones, flaw-free, since the wallpaper along with the overall style of your desktop, sound design is one of the main elements of the of your computer interface.

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