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Network Marketing Secrets for Work at Home Mums – Being an Inspiring Leader

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Welcome back to the last blog in this Network Marketing Challenges Mini Series. My purpose is to help those who are on this Networking Marketing Success Journey for an additional income stream or even financial freedom (which I like to call ‘repeat income’ or ‘monthly pay cheque’). I trust that my tips can assist you in saving  a lot of time, energy and effort.

The Common Leadership Challenge

This time I’m going to talk about a very interesting challenge. This is about not being able to recognize the greatness in others. For some leaders, because they are so preoccupied with what they are doing, they fail to recognize that each and everyone have the potential to be great leaders.

For example, when leaders fall into a management mode, they may be so focused on team training that they place less effort in providing individual attention and mentoring to potential team leaders. Very often,  in Network Marketing, we have people who initially do not believe they can achieve great heights. Those potential leaders are where they are because they have not yet met true leaders who can see their greatness and encourage them along the way. Let’s face it, we all have weaknesses. Leaders challenge potential leaders to step up. Step up, step up and up skill until they reach a level where they themselves realize that they have the ability to turn their dream into reality.

True Leaders Challenge Others

Here is one key element that leaders need to understand. For new network marketers, they might be a little bit challenged by the very idea of becoming a leaders themselves.  How are they going to help their team leaders?  This is a legitimate concern for most new team members. The leading journey involves ‘leading by example’. To the new team member, it is  ajourney of grodaul transformation. Yet, not all team members will choose to BECOME a leader.

‘Leading by example’ is a great way to inspire others. You can inspire some potential leaders by your own action – forward action. For those who are not inspired, it takes courage to ‘confront’ them in a nice manner. With your own sincere desire to help them as the foundation, leaders use skillfully structured questions to lead them back to their goals and dreams.

We are ALL good enough to perform if we choose to step up. True leaders are here to help others see their own greatness. The choice to live out our greatness is always the individual team member’s own.

To summarize, A good leader is able to recognize people’s greatness even though that person doesn’t believe at all that they can do it.  When someone in your team have a strong enough reason why they will step up. It is their own internal desire that is motivating them to step up and reveal their greatness along the success journey.

In the next few weeks, I’m going to cover some of the wrong ideas about Network Marketing. I would really like to cover this because many people have those misconception that is actually stopping them from exploring further. No exploring. No possible future action. Talk soon!

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