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Network Marketing – Team Building

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In Network Marketing, one of the key success ingredients is to have a simple Team Building formula. Most people who do not truly understand the simplicity of doing Network Marketing erroneously believe that they have to be the sales type in order to be successful. I am going to debunk this myth.

It is really sad to see that this myth stopping many stay-at-home mums from even considering the possibility of owing their own Network Marketing business, one which can give them the ultimate freedom to be at home with their children.

I am going to illustrate why a sales expert may fail in Network Marketing. I will then go on to suggest that a stay-at-home mum may do a better job.

‘Salesman Failure Syndrome’

I learned about this awesome success tips from Don Failla’s book ” The 45 Second Presentation That Will Change Your Life” many years ago. Don and his wife Nancy Failla are a success story and they enjoy a lifestyle that most people can only dream about.

Don made it clear that Network Marketing is a method of marketing that is different from Direct Sales.

We must understand that our aim is NOT to sponsor team members into a Direct Sales organization. We are sponsoring them into a Network Marketing program.

A typical successful sales person would have no problem sponsoring people into their organization due to their great people and sales skills. Without first teaching the sales person to rein in his or sponsoring efforts, the organization will grow in a linear manner.  Let say, she sponsored 5 people in a month, did that again in the second month, and again in the third month. She ended up having 15 new team members.

Now, compare with a new member with the SAME people and sales skills but has been trained to focus on Team Building. From the initial 5 new team members, she would WORK WITH THEM to help them build their own 5-people group. After another month, if all five were able to sponsor THEIR OWN FIVE, the totally number of team members would be 30 (the initial 5 PLUS another 25). For another month, the 25 people each helping 5 would mean another 125!!

You can now see clearly why doing a traditional sales job in Network Marketing can be a disadvantage in Network Marketing.

Leaders must make sure that new team members do not fall into this ‘Salesman Failure Syndrome’ trap.

This is NOT a Perfect World

Yes, I can guarantee that some of you would be saying that this is NOT a perfect world. If  it were that easy, many network marketers would have made it to the top.

You are right. This is NOT a perfect world. Yet, from the first 10-20 people who join your organization, a few would be potential leaders. Work with those who appreciate the business opportunity and willing to work towards their dream. Teach them the POWER of duplication. The TRUE power lies in each serious player bringing in other serious players.

It does not take a mathematical genus to work out how some people can reach significant rank advancement in just months.

It is all about Team Building!

“Duplication is sexy. Helping new people break ranks is sexy.  Actually making money is sexy. “ ~ Randy Gage 


Team Building Tips

I found this successful tips from Randy Gage inspiring:

  • Building a large successful market is not easy; it’s not supposed to be.
  • But building a large network that achieves steady growth is simple.  It’s done by leading a large group of people, to follow some simple actions over a sustained period of time.

How to lead a large group of people? By starting from one new team member. Then another. Then another. Then another….

Gandy’s key tips lie in these words : simple actions AND over a sustained period of time.

Having said that, there is always a smarter way to work!

Success Tips for Stay-at-Home Mums

You be the judge which is easier –

Sponsoring many many people without supporting them to grow into bigger leaders?

Or,  sponsoring a lot, choose the key leaders and inspire them to grow and develop their own leaders?

How do we sponsor people?

We use manipulative sales skills or simply share from our heart?

There is no secrets. No shortcuts. Only truth.

Choose your strategy wisely and see your Network Marketing business grow exponentially!

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