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Network Marketing – Focus

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I talked about burning desire in my last blog post as the start of anyone’s wealth creation journey. In Napoleon Hill’s book ‘Think and Grow Rich’, he talked about having faith as the second major success factor.

Desire backed by faith is powerful.

I have witnessed many people succeeding wildly in network marketing because of their burning desire and faith. They pushed through every obstacle and challenge along their journey to success. They eventually win because quitting is never an option! The faith in them being successful is so strong that they have no excuses, only learning experiences.

However, faith alone will not work!

We need a Success Roadmap!

Success Roadmap

BUT…..even having a Success Roadmap will not be enough!

I am sure you agree with me that even though ALL attendees in a particular workshop are given the same success roadmap, ONLY very few people do succeed?

The roadmap works for some but not the others!


When the desire is not strong enough, the desire is only a wish or a hope.  Those people without a burning desire would find it ‘too hard’ to take action. Those are the ones that would eventually be saying ‘That Success Roadmap didn’t work!”.

They are absolutely right! It did not work for them!

From what I have observed, most people lack FOCUS.

How to Stay Focused?

In life, there are bound to be million things that could potentially distract us from DOING the tasks required for success.

Here are some practical tips that I have found helpful:

1) Focus emotionally on our dream

This can help us motivated internally. This is, we do not really need a accountability buddy or mentor to hold us accountable.

2) Read affirmation daily, with emotion

For example: “Even though my thoughts and concentration may wander, I choose to stay focused so that our family can have the extra $1000 a month for my kid’s future education.”

3) The ‘Just Do It’ Attitude

Nothing is more powerful than focusing on the future dream AND tasks the needed to be done NOW.

Having the Success Roadmap, a strategically designed daily plan of action and the ‘Just do it’ attitude will EVENTUALLY allow new habits to be formed.

What was initially requiring great discipline is getting easier and easier as new habits are formed

4) Stay away from people or activities that can drain your energy

For example, recognise those dream stealers are avoid discussing your dreams with them.

Negative news is another energy drainer for me to avoid. Maybe you would like to get rid of those in your life too?

5) Put in conscious effort to connect and associate with people who are supportive

Be with people who have a genuine desire to help us succeed. In Network Marketing, this is typically our mentor.

For a stay at home mum, your spouse can be your prosperity partner if he too can see the brilliance of the Network Marketing business model.

The Network Marketing Company’s own corporate events are great ways to stay charged.

6) Create Small Successes

It is important that you stay extremely focused at the beginning so that you can create your own success fast. Small successes is a confidence booster!

Your sponsor need not persuade you that this business works when you can enrol at least 1-2 people within the first month of joining the business.

In Network Marketing, success is easier if we started on  fast track.

7)  A 90-day Action Plan

The main rationale is that most people cannot stay focused for a 12-month period. What this 90-day focus can do is to create the smaller successes and momentum.

This will allow new habits to be formed. Skills to be refined. Confidence to to be gained.

8)  Structure & Accountability

I have found that the simpler the daily plan, the easier is it for new team members to stick to.

I am impressed with what I have learned from Tom Challan’s Bootcamp. We have to keep track of the total number of hours invested in prospecting daily. Plus, these 5 categories which I believe is of great simplicity: number of dials made, number of people talked to (initial conversation), number of people sent to presentation (website, CD, face-to-face, etc), number of follow up calls and number of enrolled members.

Sharing Your Thoughts

Do you think that most people failed to perform well in Network Marketing because of their lack of focus?

What strategies have helped you (or your team members) stay focused?

Can you share some ‘Success Breeds Success’ stories?

If you appreciate content like this, please comment below and share. Thanks!

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