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Network Marketing – Certainty

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Welcome back to the Alphabet Series for Stay at Home Mums who may want to explore HOW they can be successful in Network Marketing. In my last two blog posts that cover A for Attitude and B for Belief, I have not talked about any ‘HOW-TO’ tips. Why this is so? The first step to Riches starts from a BURNING DESIRE, as mentioned in the all time ‘Success Bible’ Think and Grow Rich. We must begin with what is in our mind. For those of you who may want to visit my other blog posts, you can click here.

This blog post refers to the Second Step to Riches “FAITH”. I am not going to leave this topic to the alphabet ‘F’ because this is so CRUCIAL for our success.  By successfully controlling our inner voice, we can stay on track. Missing our targets is impossible!

Emotional Reasons

Many people join Network Marketing for extra money. However, money is never the real reason.

If you’re a stay at home mum, you’re real reason for doing Network Marketing may be wanting to put aside money for the children’s future education. You might  want to earn more income to deal with the rising electricity bills and water bills. Or, you might have another reason such as really wanting to be financially  independent and focus on what you really want to do in life.

I have seen so many people come and go in network marketing. I can assure you if you don’t have a strong enough DESIRE for doing what you’re doing, you will face challenges and by the time you will quit. When you have STRONG DESIRE and BELIEF, there is CERTAINTY.

Believe With Certainty

What does this really mean?

It means NO EXCUSES, only planned action, carried out even at the time of doubt.

It is common for an ‘average’ person to be all bumped up and believe in something but find that there is so much negativity around them. While we can make a conscious decision to stay away from ‘dream stealer’ friends and/or relatives, we do have ONE ‘friend/enemy’ who stays with us ALL THE TIME. This is the our own Subconscious Mind.

Believe with certainty means believing without a shadow of doubt that what we intend to achieve will be achieved. It is the certainty in Body, Mind & Soul. With that level of certainty, we become committed doers (of whatever we have planned to do). We attract supportive people (clients. customers, supportive friends, mentors, etc) into our lives.

There is no accident. What we focus on, we attract.

It makes perfect sense for us to build certainty, right?

How to Build Certainty?

I am sure you have come across people who have been bumped up at seminars or by reading and re-reading motivational books. Some use motivational  CDs, DVDs, Network Marketing corporate events and mentoring program to keep them stay focused. While all those are great ways, there is a better way! The motivation must be from within us. 

I have found this incredibly inspiration video clip from YouTube featuring Anthony Robbins’ idea of Certainty. When the certainty is not there, there is something that we can actually DO, at any moment, to keep us 100% on track. Thanks to ‘NewAge SuperPower’ for giving permission for sharing!

Successful people do what failures don’t.”  ~ Anthony Robbins.

Sharing Your Thoughts 

As always, I value your sharing. This internal struggle was common at the beginning of any Network Marketing Journey. I have seen many network marketers doubting their own ability and leaving this wonderful profession. Have you pressed on and succeeded? Let’s hear your inspirational story!

What was the number one tool or strategy that has helped you?

Do share by commenting below. The Universe will reward you in interesting ways icon smile Stay at Home Mums C for Certainty

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