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Network Marketing – Leverage is Key

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You may have heard that ANYONE can do network marketing well. While this is true, one must remember that NOT everyone would like to do network marketing.

When building a solid network marketing distribution group, it is wise to have the number of distributors growing in a non-linear manner.

Why is this important? Simple. LEVERAGE is powerful.

When we enroll one distributor who is happy to stay on as a consumer but choose not to share the products or services with others, we do not have leverage. When we have 10 of those distributors in the team, we have 10 more people in the whole organization. When the number of this type of team members grows to 100, we have 100 people more. There is no leverage.

However, we we enroll quality potential leaders into the organization, the numbers grow in a very different manner. One new team member can enroll another who also enroll another. This is leverage in action. Another example is that one new team member is so passionate and willing to grow that he or she brings in another QUALITY leader. The team then grows in a much faster rate than the linear example.

Leverage is Key

If there is nothing else that you can learn from this post, just recognizing that LEVERAGE IS KEY can help you grow your network marketing business the healthy way.

Some people may argue that simply focusing on sharing the products or services can also achieve leverage.  I would like to share that this too can be done.  For instance, by sharing with five people about the benefits of our products, some leaders have managed to grow their organization to a decent size. If all the five people are loyal customers, how one gets the leverage? It can be done is two simple ways:

(1) Ask for referrals from those happy customers to see if there are friends who may also benefit in using the products OR who may like to build a network marketing business

(2) Educate those customers that they too can build a legitimate business from home, using the power of the network marketing business model AND the concept of leverage.

However, the success journey would typically be a relatively slower one when we do not purposefully enroll potential business builders.

The bottom line is: team growth for building a network marketing business is not done in a linear manner.  Leverage is key.

Success Stories

The good news is that the power of leverage can attract more quality leaders to the team. New team members can share success stories of other team members who joined the network marketing business before them. There is no need for defending or convincing.

In our company, there is this lady who was a single mum. She had described herself as having “no health, no life, no future”. She went on to build a successful organization with the commitment of just a few loyal team members. Her mission is now “to serve and to create freedom” for others. That thought is what inspires her to get up every morning and share what she has discovered!

My mentor’s wife was also a stay-at-home mum who has helped her husband to build a huge organization based on  the concept of leverage. He was running his dental clinic before. Could he work 24 hours a day? No. Can he now has more than 24 hours’ productivity a day? Yes, he can! Thanks to leverage!

Leverage allows each team member to do their portion, the ultimate work-life balance that he or she wants to achieve. My dentist mentor now always enjoy his L-O-N-G weekend because he chooses not to work on Mondays and Fridays.

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