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Network Marketing – Belief

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In my last blog, I mentioned the single most important first step for a stay at home mum to become successful in Network Marketing. Click here for that article on A for Attitude if you want to start there. I have also created a video on A for Awareness. My aim is to educate others about the reality that many stay at home mums ARE earning extra money by embracing this brilliant business model called Network Marketing (MLM).

Is it your turn to cash in?

To be successful in Network Marketing, there are a few Beliefs that you need to have. I have covered those in my e-Book. If you have not grabbed one yet, remember to fill in the name and email information for immediate access.


Once you have a good understanding about this legitimate business model, you still have to go through two major Belief Hurdles before you can be successful.

The level of belief needed to be so strong that it is more like FAITH as described in the all-time classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’. It is the state of mind that will keep your belief unwavering. It is this belief level that keeps you laser focused in spite of many many obstacles along the way. Oh, yes! There are heaps of obstacles. The good news is, they can all be pleasantly handled when you have mastered some basic skills.

Belief in The MLM Company & Products

I was lucky enough to have ‘bumped’ into my current MLM company that has been producing premier products for over two decades.

If you are exploring, my suggestion is to get educated about the buying power of the Baby Boomers. Do your due diligence and research for a company with great consumable products. Listen to amazing testimonials and find out real life stories about people’s health challenges being addressed or financial situation being turned around.

The bad news is: Without a solid belief in the company and products, the best training cannot help you. Your posture will be weak. Your tone and body language will ‘betray’ you even if you read out the best of the best scripts!

The good news is: You are not doomed when you don’t have the belief YET.  FAITH can be ‘built’ by witnessing other leaders’ success journey, from ‘ground ZERO’. It can also be created by using affirmation techniques. This is why Training & Mentoring are so important in MLM.

Belief in YOU

Let’s say that there is this stay at home mum who has a desire to change her life for the better. She is aware that people can earn a decent EXTRA source of income by working only part time. She then go on to a meeting or presentation. She has also done her research.

At this point, SOME stay at home mums would choose not to start the business. I have discovered these common reasons:

1)  they do NOT believe that they have enough time

2)  they do NOT  believe that they can earn money

3)  they do NOT know enough people to talk to

4) they are ‘NOT the sales type’

All the above are the same ONE REASON – that they do NOT believe in themselves!


The bad news is: The initial DESIRE for a better life is buried right at that moment.

The good news is: Those who are AWARE that their thinking may be deceptive have a chance.  Their attitude changed. The exploration continues!

Eventually, they realize that we have to ‘make time’ to do things that are high in our priority list.

They cannot dispute the fact that many people in THAT PARTICULAR COMPANY are making good money.

They realized that even someone with just a few friends to start with can be exceptionally successful. My favourite example is the most sought-after trainer Tim Sales!

In Tim’s training CD, he also guided others to understand that we were NOT born to be ‘sales people’! Besides, by doing MLM professionally, there is no sales technique to be applied. Only focus 100% on the other person.

An Honorable Profession

I am 100% convinced that Network Marketing works!

I am 100% convinced about the efficacy of the products that I am promoting have high demand in the marketplace.

I am proud to be associated with my company that is on a mission to impact more lives on Planet Earth – Health-wise and Wealth-wise.

I am proud to be part of this amazing profession, dubbed as ‘A Better Way’ by Network Marketing PRO Eric Worre.

I love what I do; I do what I love.

What about YOU?

Do you believe that Network Marketing is a better way?

Do you believe that YOU too can take advantage of this brilliant business model to create a better future for you and your loved ones.

Have you done your due diligence? This is definitely a step worth taking. Trust me!

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