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Work at Home Mums and Network Marketing – Harnessing Your Self Discipline

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I have been covering a few of the key challenges along the network marketing journey in the past few weeks.


Today, I’m going to cover another very important challenge that a lot of people can relate to. It’s about self discipline. A lot of people are lacking discipline in doing the things that they know they need to do in network marketing.

Let’s have a brief check list here. First, you are embracing the brilliant Network Marketing business model. Second, you have done your due diligence and found a great company with great products or services. Third, your are in the RIGHT team – with proven training and marketing systems AND responsible and capable mentor. What is the defining ingredient for your own success? The YOU Factor, of course!

The Most Important Task

So, what is the most important thing that you need to do in network marketing? Talking to people of course!

This is what we call “prospecting”. If we don’t talk to people, we don’t have any result. Talk to a few people, just a little bit of result. Talk to a lot of people, a lot of results. Building momentum takes time and consistent effort.

Inappropriate Tasks & ‘Why’

Many people actually spend a lot of time on what we call “preparing to do the work”. They learn and learn and learn but never go into the game. They role-play, they just fiddle with the papers to get the script well typed out or even practise with team mates, etc. They do everything but not doing a thing relating to actually DOING network marketing.

Not talking to people is a sign, a symptom. It is a reflection that maybe the desire level is not strong enough. This is where having a mentor is very important. A mentor can look into your situation and help you re-focus on your goals and desires. Apart from the mindset issue, the mentor may help you with improving your communication skills, time management skills or other identified challenges.

For someone who is determined to succeed, there is no other option but succeeding because of the appropriate consistent action.

Success is a journey! 

What is Next?

Next time I’m going to  talk about another very common challenge that’s facing network marketers. This is when the network marketer has already got a group of business builders and is going into what I call “A Management Mode”. So until then, see you!


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