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Mistakes Magic

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I have just finished a series of blogs talking about the possible reasons why some people decided NOT to get involved in Network Marketing.

Today, I am going to talk about those people who love Network Marketing! Interesting enough, for some people, loving network marketing did not make them successful.

Some of them were involved in HEAPS of Network Marketing companies. Failed. Failed. Failed. Again and again.

By not giving up, some eventually cracked the code and become successful. How did they do that? Mistake Magic! They learned from either their own painful mistakes or from other people’s painful mistakes.

Common Failures

If we look closely at WHY people did NOT succeed in Network Marketing, there were some common answers:

1) No strong desire to be successful.

Outcome: They did not commit to the learning and prospecting processes (which were crucial for initial small success & building confidence)

Typical scenario: After going through maybe 20 or so friends and relatives, they decided that the process was just ‘too hard’.

Mistake Magic: As soon as the distributor realizes that to be successful in network marketing is not the top priority in his or her life, magic happens. They can quit network marketing and have more time and energy to embrace other aspects of life that is most important to him or her.

2) Lack of Proper Training (basic skills and leadership skills)

Outcome: The hard working (and often passionate) network marketer faced numerous objection and rejection and decided that ‘Network Marketing is not for me.’

Typical Scenario: The new distributors worked hard, contacting many friends and relatives, only to realize that it was not that easy to invite friends to come to meetings or take at a look at what excited them in the first place. Distributors became discouraged. Some quitted. Some pressed on, spinning the wheel without getting anywhere!

Mistake Magic: Distributors finally discovered that there were ways of communication that could trigger a negative response. There were different personality styles that influence how prospects preferred to be communicated to. Mistakes avoided. Improvement made. Happy encounters for ever! Yes, forever! Even if the prospect has no interest in what we have to offer,  no-one would got upset because of the professional network marketing process.

3) Lack of a Simple to Duplicate System

Outcome: Each new team members needed to be trained personally by the sponsor, taking away the leader’s time in doing actual prospecting.

Typical Scenario: New team members found themselves not ready to train their new team members. The duplication process was stopped.

Mistake Magic:  Magic happened when the new team members could EACH turn to a system for learning. The mentor ensued that new team members were given clear instruction s as to how to progress with their network marketing business. Tools. Tools. Tools. No-one is to rely heavily on one particular team leaders for success.

Simple Business – Complicated by People

Ask any successful network marketers, they would probably tell you just a few simple ‘secrets’ in making network marketing work.

There are no secrets. Network marketing is word-of-mouth referral. We have all been referring good restaurants, great movies, good books, etc to our friends and relatives. Network marketing is no different. Distributors simply share the benefits of the products or services with others.

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