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“A” to “Z” of MLM Success

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Recently, I have re-visited one of the Zig Ziglar inspirational videos. A light bulb came to my mind as I was watching it. How about I share the A to Z Network Marketing (MLM) Success Tips with my audience. They may not even be in Network Marketing (yet). I trust that by sharing my ‘insider MLM Success Tips’, more stay at home mums would get educated about what this Network Marketing thing is about.

For those of you who has been following my blog, you have gathered that I am a big believer that EVERYTHING (yes, I do mean EVERYTHING) starts with a thought.

In this A to Z series, I will be covering some mindset issues before leading to some ‘How-To’ MLM Success Tips.

A for Attitude

Our thoughts and beliefs absolutely can impact on the way that we do things.

Say, a stay at home mum who has this attitude that they deserve to have a GREAT sleep on Sunday. Would they choose to put in some thoughts and actions for an extra paycheck?

Another example: An uneducated stay at home mum who believe that only well educated people will get rich. Would she put in time and efforts in exploring if there is possibly any way that an uneducated person could get wealthy?

Another example: A stay at home mum who believes wholeheartedly that she SHOULD NOT work at all in order to support her husband’s career. Would she be open at all when she is presented with other means of earning extra income for the children’s future education? Family trip?

The answers to the above questions are obvious. Life is about attitudes and priorities.

In Napoleon Hill’s ‘Think and Grow Rich‘, DESIRE is quoted as the Number 1 step to riches. 

Success is a DECISION. When a stay at home home decides that she DOES NOT or CANNOT create wealth by doing Network Marketing, she simply would not go about exploring.

‘Attitude Makes All the Difference’ by Zig Ziglar

Awareness Exercise

Take a brief moment to reflect. Is your attitude keeping you a prisoner?

Is the attitude that you have an EMPOWERING one?

Or, is it one that is habitually holding you back from reaching your full potential?

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