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Misconceptions About Network Marketing, and Why This Is A Good Home Business For Mums

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I have been talking about a number of misconceptions in network marketing and this time I’m going to cover one which is a very interesting one.  

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In many people’s mind, network marketing is about chasing their friends and relatives.  ”Oh, I don’t want to do that!” The thought of being in this Network Marketing chasing gang can be daunting for a stay-at-home mum!

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What if you can do network marketing professionally? You don’t have to chase your friends and relatives.

How are we going to promote products, services or business opportunity if we are not chasing them? Simple,  we just help them!

One of my favourite trainers Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter joked about that the mission of all professional network marketers is to promote World Peace.

When people are keen to know what you have to offer, you share. That’s it. And if people are not open to new ideas, not open to checking out what you have to offer, leave them alone.

Where to Find People to Talk To?

This is a common question for  serious network marketers. If I’m not chasing my friends and relatives, where can I find people to talk to?

A lot of people do network marketing by initially talking to their friends and relatives. This is mainly they know that the products and services can help them. Or, they believe that by promoting great products or services, they can bless their friends or relatives with an additional source of income. However, network marketing is not for everyone. Most people can only enrol just a few of their friends.

Asking for referrals is a very effective way of getting the network marketing business going. Yet, some people are actually loving the product so much that they would like to promote it. That is, they themselves goes into the business.  They are to build their own business. They are not going to refer people to you. In that case,  you will have to continue networking.  This is what most mums can do well.

When done professionally, you continue to enrol others or get referrals from others who may know some other people who need the products or opportunity.

Attraction Marketing?

There is also one other newer breed of network marketing called “attraction marketing”. Marketing is primarily done online. The whole online community knows what you are doing. If people are looking for opportunities or looking for products and services, they will resonate with what you have to offer. They will contact you. This is a whole new different dynamic. You definitely do not need to chase your friends and relatives if you decide to do network marketing that way!

If you  would like to explore a little bit about this online attraction marketing, send me an email or leave a comment below.  I’ll be more than happy to help you along this journey.

PS: While online attraction marketing is making a lot of buzz, attraction marketing can also be practised offline. How? Simply by doing network marketing professionally. Others will be attracted to you because of your professionalism.

No Chasing Any More!

You can probably appreciate that chasing friends and relatives may not be the smartest move. I hope my blog post can be the wake up call for network marketers who are still chasing others like crazy!

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