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Network Marketing – “YES” to YOUR Vision

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Welcome to this Y part of my A-Z series! This time, we are talking about Y for YES….. and Y for YOUR Vision!

Two nights ago, I went on this Business Networking Cruise. Our Guest Speaker, Max Markson, the Mr. Fame from Markson Sparks shared some incredible insights that I’d love to share with you here.

He talked about 5 key elements for success.

1. Have a Vision

2. Think Big

3. Don’t listen to Nay-Sayers

4. Work Your Arse Off

5. Give More

I also talked about V for Vision for stay-at-home mums in my previous blog post. You can check it out here if you have missed that.

Thinking big, having a ‘Why’ strong enough to keep us in the game is one of the key factors for Network Marketing success.  This industry has, until now, quite a tarnished name. It does take courage to face some of the obstacles or even ridicules from your friends or relatives!

Here come to Mr. Markson’s point number 3, it is important that you do NOT listen to naysayers! Most people who want to stop you from doing network marketing are those who do not really understand how this industry works!

Have you ever had a SUCCESSFUL network marketing leader telling you that network marketing doesn’t work?

If your  friends or relatives are telling you that this industry doesn’t work, ask yourself this question:

Are these people QUALIFIED to give you the advice on this possible career choice?

Work Your Arse Off

This part applies to those of you who are embracing this brilliant business model.

Do not go into the erroneous belief that the Success Journey is easy. Some people even naively believe that they can be rich real quick simply by joining a network marketing company at some kind of pre-launch!

The truth is: No Action, No Results. Some Action, Some Results. Lots of Action, Lots of Results.

My question to you is: Is it worth my effort to work my arse off ?

Ask any network marketing leaders, the answer is most likely to be “Absolutely YES!”

Give More

By the very nature of the network marketing business model, one can hardly become successful without first giving more.

When we approach our friends or relatively, are we coming from a place of  ’Giving Health Tips’? ‘Giving Hope to a Better Future’? ‘Giving 100% attention to others’ needs’?

Those who give, they receive.

As soon as there is a little group of team members, the same rule applies. The more we focus on GIVING, the more the team members will gain. That is when the team grows!

Network Marketing success is absolutely not just about getting  customers. There is a lot to do with this giving mentality!

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