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EGO Is The Problem

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Welcome back, my friends! If you are new to this blog, a warm welcome to you too!

In my last blog post, I mentioned that I was puzzled why so many people seemed to be unable to see the benefits of getting involved in Network Marketing. I mentioned about the EIEIO factors that could possibly be the reasons. If you would like to refer to my last blog before reading on, click here.

I have broken down this E for EGO into 4 distinctly different areas:

1. Ego Block

Some people have this hardcore thinking pattern or conditioning in their mind that is blocking them to review the Network Marketing industry objectively. Simply put, when a genuine business opportunity is presented to them, their Ego is in the way. They failed to see the benefits even though the benefits are obvious to many others.

Example 1: ‘I am a professional, I will never do anything as low as a sales job.’

Example 2:  ‘I have decades of experience as a Human Resource Manager, I am sure I can get back another job very soon. I am not too worried about this job loss!’

Example 3: ‘I am educated and have so much life experience, how could a young guy like Ray can possibly help me with my financial plan?’

Question: Is there anything in your conscious and subconscious mind that is BLOCKING you from reviewing options for your own life?
Story: Open-mind

An ex-corporate friend of mine was a high flying executive and ‘corporate princess’. One day, she was out of her office and out of job! It took her a good number of months before she finally realized that there was a better way! With her past experience and people skills, she ended up doing exceptionally well and was awarded a trip to the USA. Now she proudly announced that she is a ‘small business princess’. Amazing transformation!

2. Ego Trip

This is trip is common for people who has high self esteem. They are usually successful people who believe that they can apply their past skills and succeed wildly in Network Marketing. Whilst past skills and experiences are often valuable assets, these can be the Ego Trips!

Typically, those who get tripped are those who refuse to follow the Success Blueprint or System that their leaders advise them to follow. Some may not be that extreme. They may still follow some instruction but start to be really ‘innovative’ down the track.  That is, they do it their way, NOT the proven way. The result? Ouch!  “Network Marketing doesn’t work!!’, they would yield out loud! Often, in their mind, even intelligent and sharp people like them cannot make the business work, it is even harder for the less capable ones to succeed.

Question: Are you allowing your Ego to trip you over in your pursue for lifestyle or financial freedom?

Story: Teachable

Dani Johnson is one of the most successful Network Marketers in this profession. She turned from a homeless women into a self-made millionaire at the age of 23. She learned this Ego lesson from her mentor who challenged her directly when Dani came up with her own ‘brilliant’ ideas about how her Network Marketing business could be done. Dani got this ‘Tough Love’ smack-in-the-face comment from this mentor. Then she followed strictly what she was taught! Her life was changed forever! If you would like to get to know more about her, click here for the first of my little blog series about her No-Nonsense way of doing Network Marketing.

3. Ego Brake

This is a common one for those who have not fallen prey to the first two Ego enemies. This brake usually appears when the network marketers have achieved some success. Instead of continuing with the production mode (enrolling new team members), they fall into this management mode.  If they have the half-motivated team leaders, they spend a lot of time training and helping the team grow. If they have really excited and committed team leaders, they find themselves exhausted doing team training, personal mentoring, 3-way calls, etc.

Hard work. Not much duplication. These leaders have made themselves the centre of attention. Big mistake!

Question: How soon can your new team member become a self-sufficient business owner who can run his or her business without YOU being there?

Story: System

I learned  a key lesson from Tom Challan, a very successful network marketing leader who went from making millions to being completely burned out, tired and depressed. He used to believe that in order to make it BIG in Network Marketing, he needed to work exceptionally hard: recruit – recruit – recruit, do all the training, all the conference calls, set up all the advertising, take every call and every email from new recruits any time of week. The main mis-perception was that only after he became financially independent could he work less and enjoy life.

The BIGGEST mistake was that he was the focus of everything.  He had made the business and everyone’s success depend upon HIM.

Fast forward, you can see clearly that he has a wonderful system in place for him to build the business, support his team AND still ‘having a life’! He was the featured leader of the month in October 2012.

4. Ego Trap

This is a HUGE one. The Ego Block could be removed when there is a network marketer skilled enough to let the block go out of the way. The Ego Trip can be addressed by having a great team support system and a great mentor. The Ego Brake can also be coming to a halt by the leader’s commitment to Personal Development. Once woken up, the leader can go very fast.

What about the Ego Trap?

This could get someone trapped in their life challenges forever if the Ego block is not removed.

For some, they will NEVER start a Network Marketing journey at all.

For others, they may have started the journey, got rejected and discouraged…. got to such a stage that they were so deeply ‘burned’ that they declare that will NEVER to return again to this wonderful Network Marketing Profession.

Question: How can you avoid being trapped in life forever?
Story: Vision

Ray Higdon is now a world famous network marketer. Back in 2009, he was dead broke and facing foreclosure. He had failed in 11 Network Marketing companies in 7 years. What makes him rose to stardom is his Success Mindset. He was broke but not broken. He had that that crystal clear vision about what Network Marketing could bring to his future. He was not trapped in his situation then. He had his mind on the bright future that he visualized. He followed Success Blueprint. He implemented proven ways to do this business.

No secret. No drama. Just the firm belief in this profession and strong desire for a better future. Work and focus. He  has been sharing a lot of knowledge and wisdom in his blog.

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