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Network Marketing – No Arguing, No Begging, No Convincing

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Dear friends,

This blog title may look and sound clumsy. Yet, I believe it can help you appreciate the importance of doing Network Marketing the professional way.

Recently, I have been talking about how stay-at-home mums can work smart and start building a home-based business through the Network Marketing model.

Sadly, when it comes to ‘marketing’, some people subconsciously relate to images of sleeky sales persons.  The idea of being in the sales and marketing field alone would keep most stay-at-home mums from entering this wonderful Network Marketing profession.

What Exactly is Network Marketing?

What is the BIG Issue Here?

To be honest, network marketing is simply the promotion of products or services that a network marketer loves. As industry leader Tom ‘Big Al’ Schreiter describes brilliantly, most people are doing network marketing every day. They are just not being paid for!

When a network marketer shares with honesty how the products or services have helped him or her, that is network marketing in action. The sharing of information is something that ALL of us have been doing since a tender age.  The truth is,  most people have this built in mechanism to protect them from being hassled by sleeky sales persons. This is why to be effective in the honest sharing of information, the sales filters must be reduced to the minimum.


Relationship is key.  A professional network marketer has the skills to build rapport and earn the trust BEFORE he or she even starts to share information.

Here is another question: How to achieve the desired level of trust?

Transparency is key. I mean absolute transparency. Let our friends know upfront that there is  no arguing. begging or convincing.

Arguing does not help with relationship building. Caring do! Instead of arguing, how about asking questions?  For instance, if your friend believe that Network Marketing is a scam, ask if she is open to check out a short video clip that explains the industry very well. Use third party material. No arguing. Just information sharing.

Begging does not help with relations either. A professional understands that not every one would love the products or services that she loves. Begging makes awkward relationships, resulting in friends and relatives avoiding the network marketer. This is the last thing that any stay-at-home mum wants. The stay-at-home mum’s world is small enough. Why risk alienating more people?

Convincing does not help either! When someone join the Network Marketing business just because of the network marketer’s persuasive skills, they typically would not stay on long enough to see the results. When faced with the first few obstacles, they will quit. They are not in the business for THEIR own reasons.

What works?

Be a friend. Be caring. Be a listener. Be skilful enough to paint a picture for other mums using stories.

Through skilfully telling stories, other people can relate to what is possible for their future.

Story telling? Isn’t this one of the day-to-day tasks that a stay-at-home mum does?

Caring and sharing?  Sound like good mothers  (and fathers) are generally great at that!

As soon as our friends realize that we are there to help them, as their alliance, the dynamics of the conversation shifts to our favour. Honest two-way dialogues bring about honest results.

If the products or business is not what our friends need AND want, bow out respectfully.

Finding this fascinating?  This is the most professional way to do network marketing. Why annoy others by arguing, begging or convincing when others are not needing or wanting to embrace what you have to offer?

Our Mission is World Peace

I remember so well about Tom’ Big Al’ Schreiter’s teaching!

Basically, he states that when others give excuses for not using the products or doing the business, they are not ready. He jokingly mentioned that a network marketer’s mission is to create world peace. Stick to the rules. Strictly No Arguing, No Begging and No Convincing. Be a professional and you will have peace. You get paid for having meaningful conversation with other people.

Your Thoughts and Insights

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts and insights. If you are already in this industry, care enough to share some of your past challenges?

Have you applied the No Arguing, No Begging and No Convincing rule?

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