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Network Marketing – Just Do It!

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In my last blog, I talked about how stay-at-home mums may benefit in doing due diligence and reaching an informed decision to see if Network Marketing is their chosen way for making an additional source of income. Today, I am going to talk about the ‘Just Do It’ spirit. While ‘Due Diligence’ and ‘Just Do It’ may sound like contradictory to each other, I would like to elaborate here.

Due Diligence

What I wish to clarify is that we all have different values and priorities in life. If a stay-at-home mum does wish to build a home-based business, she has to do research and decide WHICH type of business is for her.

Once a stay-a-home mum has decided that she really has a strong desire to build a Network Marketing business from scratch, she needs to search again for a company that suits her.

For instance, I always value great health and vitality. Promoting nutritional supplements is a good fit for me. I also became aware that there are harmful ingredients in our personal care and skin care products that may compromise our health. Bumping into my Network Marketing company by accident is truly a blessing for my whole family. I am forever grateful for my friend who shared the wonderful products with me.

On the other hand, if someone is not at all convinced about the role of nutritional supplements in keeping us healthy and full of vitality, maybe a telecommunication company or online shopping company would be a better choice!

My point is, our highest values must align with the products or services provided by the Network Marketing company. Or else, our daily actions would not be in congruent with who we really are.  No congruence produces internal conflict. Congruence allows us to be ‘in the flow’.

If you are not lucky enough to have bumped into a great company, doing due diligence is crucial.

Just Do It?

AFTER doing due diligence, one has to come up with a decision – to join or not to join a particular network marketing company. Here is when the ‘Just Do It’ mindset may help!

Far too many prospects fall into the following mindsets instead:

(1) “What if it doesn’t work?”

Typically, these people let fears get into the way!  ACTION curses away fear! ‘Just Do It’ will make a good start. As Brian Tracy once shared, people typically do not succeed because they do not start OR they quit before they have achieved their goal.

(2) “What if I do not have the time to do the business?”

With the ‘Just Do It’ attitude, new distributors will MAKE TIME to do the tasks necessary for success! The action steps are scheduled into the everyday life.

As Network Marketing trainer Tim Sales once remarked, we all have 24 hours a day! We simply have to commit to doing the main tasks that needed to be done. “There is no other way, ” he said.

(3) “What might others think of me? Am I losing my mind?”


This is the kind of invisible hurdle that is often associated with past unsuccessful attempts in Network Marketing. Or, it could due to hearsay stories about unethical network marketers or stories about ‘failed’ network marketers. Very rarely would a person ask this brilliant question : ‘How could I make it work in Network Marketing?’

The ‘Just Do It’ attitude keeps one’s goals and dreams in sight. For a stay-at-home mum, the ‘sacrifice’ of an hour NOW would allow her to gain back MORE TIME in future!

This absolute certainty keeps those committed mums in the action mode. The desire for a better future for the children and the family is always in sight. There is no analysing. Just Do It!


Simple Business Action Steps

The learning, doing and teaching steps all requires this ‘Just Do It’ attitude.

Messing up in Learning?

No problem. We have to get messed up before we can get good at anything! I LOVE what Brian Tracy once shared, the top 10% performers always started as the  bottom 10%. How willing are you to step up and refine your skills?

Messing up in Doing?

No problem. We can always improve. Do more. Be more skilled. Simple as that! It takes time to master new skills.

Messing up in Teaching?

No Problem. I failed my way forward. So can YOU. Leaders are rarely born. They are developed. Learning how to be a better teacher is a much simpler job than learning to be a network marketer. The fun part about this industry is that we teach though potential leaders who deserve our time.

No Other Option But Succeeding

For anyone who has a strong desire to be successful in Network Marketing, only two things matter!

(1) Get started right

(2) Keep Improving and Moving Forward (No Quitting)

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