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Don’t Go into Management Mode! – Tips for Busy Business Mums

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We’ve been talking quite a number of challenges along the network marketing journey. And this time, I’m going to talk about going into management mode.

This might not apply to you if you are very new. This often happens when you have a few of the key leaders and you believe that these leaders would continue to develop other leaders. At this stage, the mistake is stop recruiting. You might be spending most of the reinventing the wheel, designing or refining the training systems, writing up new scripts and holding regular team training or mentoring sessions.  At one stage I was doing the above but not actively recruiting. My team members needed to be inspired to take action.  By me going into the management mode, the team went stagnant.

Continue What Worked

Instead of going into Management Mode, true leaders need to continue what worked and focus on teaching new members the skills. This way, new team members can taste their first success.

How to do that? By teaching new member what to do and what not to do! By you yourself continuing enrolling new team members into the team. This ‘leading by example’ way of team building cannot be underestimated. Over time, new team members can see themselves improving.

Inspiring Key Leaders

As you yourself developed into a key leader, you should be able to identify who are the  genuine players in your team. For some ‘leaders’, no matter how much you inspire or mentor them,  they are not producing results. My friend, that is when you know that he or she is not a true business builder. Save the time and energy to do more recruiting and get more serious people in. When there are about 20 personally enrolled team members,  there should be about 3-4 leaders. Start building the team with those leaders who are willing and happy to repeat what you have done. You recruit. They recruit. Build momentum from there!

You must be able to identify leaders, inspire them by action and continue the cycle.

What’s Next?

My next article would be about how to recognize people’s greatness.  Once you have identified those leaders who have a strong desire to succeed, you are there to help them and support them to go their success journey.

Your Contribution

Have you ever gone into management mode and suffered?

Ultimate successful network marketing business is to have a few of the key leaders becoming hugely successful. When you are doing the right steps at the beginning, new team members learn the right steps and succeed.

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