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Network Marketing – Making a Difference

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Initially, I wanted to write about M for Marketing. I feel that it does not totally reflect why a stay-at-home mum would want to take up the challenge to establish her own home-based business. I have decided to choose this title instead.

You may have heard about this: when people want to buy a drill, they do not want a drill, they want a HOLE. The drill is simply a tool to create the hole.

When a stay-at-home mum wants to establish a home-based business, it is usually the money factor involved.  Similar to the case of needing a drill, a stay-at-home mum does not want money. She wants what money can allow her to achieve. Here are some examples:

– Having enough money set aside for the kid’s education

– Having the peace of mind that there would be more than enough when her husband retires

– No need to worry about her husband’s losing his job due to business closing down or down-sizing

– No need to be stressed when her husband’s business is not going well due to bad economy

– Having the joy of being able to contribute financially to the family

– Having the opportunity to support causes that are important to her

– Having the ability to impact on other people’s lives through her own success story

Making a Difference

You can probably now pick up the theme that money is NOT what a stay-at-home mum wants. She wants to make a difference.

It can be making a difference in the quality of life of hers , the family members’ or even other people’s lives!

‘Marketing’ in Network marketing depends on our ability to articulate what we can offer to the people who need AND want our products or business opportunity. In the latter case, the network marketing company is simply a TOOL.

In the case of stay-at-home mums, I have successfully built my network marketing business doing it part time. I can make a difference to other mums who also want to start adding another stream of income to the family. My mission is to empower other stay-at-home mums to reach for their potential. There is a better life outside the kitchen.

Unlike the case of a stay-at-home mum in the 1950s, today’s stay-at-home mums can create a stream of income working from home too.

Networking Marketing is one of the ways that a stay-at-home mum can achieve the ultimate work-life balance.

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