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Network Marketing – Informed Decision

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Hello,  friends and visitors,

In my last blog, I talked about how Network Marketing can be a wonderful business model for stay-at-home mums to generate an additional stream of income for the family. Today, I am going to cover some aspects so that my readers would find it easier to make an informed decision. Before I do that, I would like to briefly cover what Network Marketing is.

Network Marketing In A Nutshell

Network Marketing is a relatively new marketing model that is very different from the traditional way of buying and selling products or services. It is about promoting the products or services through word-of-mouth. Often, the promoters (usually called distributors) first experienced the benefits of the products. They become passionate about the products or services and begin their way of ‘doing’ network marketing.

The distributors buy products wholesale and can re-sell the products and keep the profit. However, most distributors choose to simply share with others and introduce others to become members (distributors) of the same company. This way, the person introduced gets the product at wholesale as well. As more and more become distributors because of Person A’s introduction, Person A’s whole organization grows. He or she gets paid accordingly, on commission basis, from the company.

Professional Network Marketing in 3 Steps

Doing Network Marketing professionally involves basically three main steps:

1) Strike Interest – determining if other people have any interest in knowing about the products or business opportunity;

2) Presentation – sharing more information with prospects who choose to find out more about the company, products or business opportunity;

3) Collecting Decisions – confirming if the prospects are ready to invest in the products (customers) or commit to doing the business (distributors).

Easy Enough to Do?

For a stay-at-home mums, these three steps are easy enough to learn and put into practice. Most people actually promote and recommend other products or services to others since a tender age. We usually feel great about telling others about our good experiences that we had in using the products or services.

Does it mean that it is easy to do network marketing? Yes! The actual action plans are easy enough. The skills needed can be mastered relatively easily.

However, many people have mindset issues that would hold them back from sharing with others. This means that they would not even get started in the first place!

For example, there is the perception that distributors are ‘earning money off their friends and relatives’ or even ‘reaping off the friends and relatives’.

This is furthest from the truth as I hear testimonials after testimonials how lives have been changed. Many distributors are forever grateful for the sponsor’s introducing them to be a member of the company. Happy customers are everywhere. Happy business builders are everywhere too!

Another mindset challenge is that some people are concerned how others might think of them if they approach their friends or relatives? Would I be perceived as greedy? Out of the mind?

I will not go into the many other reasons why some people choose NOT to get involved with this industry. Instead, I would encourage others to ask these BIG questions:

How would you feel when you could truthfully share information and stories that could potentially change the quality of life of your friends or relatives? It could mean better health or improved financial circumstances.

Do you care enough to share? Or, do you care too much about how others might think of your action?


Let’s be honest, not everyone like to get involved in Network Marketing. However, professional network marketers’ messages deserved to be heard.

Are you approaching this business model objectively, acknowledging that it is the most brilliant marketing model?

Or, have you been misinformed about this, believing that you have to chase after your friends and relatives and behave aggressively?

Be informed that there are more professional ways in doing Network Marketing.

The decision whether or not to join this fast growing Network Marketing profession is uniquely yours!

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