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MLM Enemy – Easy Way of Living

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A while ago, I started a blog post talking about Network Marketing as “A Better Way” for the future. Yet many people still have quite an attitude towards this industry. I truly believe that some people do not choose to embrace this business model simply because of their perception of what Network Marketing is. If you would like to start reading from this series, click here. Otherwise, just read on icon smile MLM Enemy   Easy Way of Living

I use EIEIO to talk about the possible ‘blockages’ that are stopping some people from embracing this amazing industry. This post is about the second ‘E’ which stands for ‘Easy Way of Living Their Live’.

If you wish to check out the first ‘E’ for “Ego’click here.

I have 3 separate posts on ‘I’ for ‘Ignorance about Time’. You can read the first of those blogs here.

Alright, let’s dive in to today’s discussion!

Easy Way of Living

One of my most respected and legendary Network Marketing leader Jerry ‘DRhino’ Clark mentions numerous times in his training material that the tasks that needed to be done in Network Marketing are easy to do AND easy not to do. This freedom to choose separates the 3% who will be successful and the 97% who will not make to the ‘Land of Paradise’.

I could not agree more with this very important piece of advice!

We human beings tend to like to do things that we enjoy doing. Things like watching television, going for movies, socializing with good friends and spending quality time with families.  So when it come to a NEW business, new skills needed to be mastered. New habits needed to be formed. It is in this transitional period that many have failed. Why? Most people will fall back to old habits of doing things. Those are the things that are so habitual that they are comfortable to do.

Let’s look at some real life scenarios here!

Example 1 : A full time employee starting a Network Marketing business, part-time

(say, 10 hours a week)

After a full 8-10 hour working day, it is easy for Thomas to pick up the phone and call up a few friends to see if they are open to check out an additional income opportunity that would not interfere with their day-t-day job. Thomas joined a week ago seeing the possibility of leaving his stressful job in 3-5 years’ time.

Easy Way of Living Trap (for 97% of people) – I will have the easy tasks underlined.

Thomas choose NOT to call his friends because of his thinking pattern might be:

Day 1:  I have had a very long day today, no big deal, I can start tomorrow. I better take a hot bath and rest. 

Day 2: Oh well, I am only new. I guess it doesn’t hurt waiting for another day so that I can learn more by listening to the CD on my way to work. 

Day 3: Oh NO! Why am I not starting yet? Maybe I am procrastinating! I better listen to this Mindset training first!

Day 4: Okay, I promised to call up friends. I am now quite behind. Maybe I really should send an email to all my high school friends and see who would be open to check out this amazing business!

Day 5: I think I better call some friends. None of them are replying to my email…. Well, maybe I need to warm them up a bit. Okay, I will  call John to have a chat first.

I guess I do not need to continue. Does that sound familiar?

Example 2: A stay-at-home mum with two young children

(also working part time, say, just 5 hours a week)

Her thinking pattern might be:

Day 1: It is important to have a decent working space, let me set up this work space first.

Day 2:  Emily has been crying all day! I am so tired. I would take a nap now for an hour while Emily is sleeping! 

Note: This is fair enough as health is always important. However, most mums would not squeeze in another one hour on another day to make up for the lost.

Day 3: Oh, I really should have contacted 6 people by now. I can’t believe Mary talking to me non-stop for a good 30 minutes! I deserve to have a cup of coffee to take a break. What a day!

Day 4: In the past few days, I have only called one person, seems like this is not going to work. Maybe I should read this time-management book to help me get better results.

Day 5: I have squeezed in 6 calls! Great! What happened to my friends? None of them would take a look! I guess this last 15 minutes will not be of much use either. I better take a warm bath to refresh before heading off to pick up little Johnny from school.

Old Habits

Before any new habit is formed, this pattern is very common.

This is why the desire for making the Network Marketing business a success must be very strong!

With a strong enough ‘Why’,  distributors will have a good chance NOT to choose the easy way ans stick to  the ‘Game Plan’. The ‘Daily Method of Operation’ is the single most important TASK LIST that needed to be strictly adhered to. This is why the initial strategic planning stage is important. Each of us has to come up with a UNIQUE action plan that can fit into our daily lives.

Then the rest is up to the individual’s discipline in breaking old habits and forming new ones.

Mentoring Is Crucial

Most people needed some ‘track and measure’ system in place to monitor the progress. Reviewing the daily progress is, theoretically, a do-able step. However, most people tend to be choosing the easy way of living their lives when they are not being supervised.

When personal accountability fails, the mentor can keep the distributor accountable.

Having said that, the BEST way to progress is to be internally motivated. That is, the reason for NOT choosing the easy way of living NOW is extremely strong because the distributor is committed to his or success in the mind, body and soul. The focus is on the TASKS that needed to be done now. The FAITH that the desired outcome will come keeps the distributor on track.

Very few people, if any, can be that laser focused. Have a mentor is advantageous.

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