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Network Marketing – U-Turn

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Hello! For those of you who are new to this blog, I may say a few things about this series before I start. This A-Z series on Network Marketing is aimed at helping stay-at-home mums who may wish to explore this wonderful business model. It is also great for those stay-at-home mums who are already in this profession but are finding it hard to enrol new members or grow their organization.

Does it mean that if you are not in those categories, this blog is not for you? Absolutely not!

The knowledge and insights I share here can help anyone who have a genuine desire to live a better life through embracing Network Marketing.

U-Turn for Dani Johnson

In the Network Marketing arena,  we often hear stories about how someone’s lives had hit rock bottom before they had their lives turned around through Network Marketing. A famous example is that of Dani Johnson. She grew up on welfare and in a drug-infested environment. She was  also abused and ended up homeless at 21. Her personal trauma and violent conditions, however, did not dictate her future. She went on to became a millionaire at the age of 23.

She is now in a blessed position to give back to people in need.

You may be wondering how could someone like Dani succeed in such a short time? What actually triggered her to take a U-Turn from her poverty circle of friends?

Dani once shared that one day when she came out of the water from the beach, she heard God asking her to leave behind her messed up life. She followed the calling, went straight to the car, drove miles away and just re-started her life afresh. Through her willingness to learn and desire to be successful, the rest is history.

Why Making a U-Turn?

In Dani’s case, it was a calling from God.

For stay-at-home mums who are living a comfortable or even a lovely life, why would they wish to make a U-Turn?

Here are just a few of the most common scenarios that a U-Turn is necessary:

– The bread winner of the family gets sick and cannot work

– The bread winner loses his job because of poor economy

– The husband leaves the family for another woman

– The husband becomes abusive and unbearable

In any of those situations, the stay-at-home mum is forced to make a U-Turn when UN-PREDICTABLE things happen.

Why NOT Making a U-Turn While Things Are Going Well?

Change is scary for most people. Change represents the unknown. It literally represents death (of an era or something)!

Comfort zone is an interesting zone.  Sometimes people would rather stay in the uncomfortable but tolerable situation until they are forced to make a U-Turn in life.

Living by default is another reason that most people just stay in whatever situation that they are in UNTIL something happened to them.

Habit is something that is closely related to living by default. They just keep on doing the same things. Hence the same results.

Now Look at Something Predictable!

Many people’s life is highly predictable.

A person who is not saving money is predicted to be in financial crisis when disaster hits.

A person who is not in the habit of creating another additional source of income is predicted to be in crisis when something happens to his job or health condition.

A person who follows another person’s success footsteps is predicted to be successful too.

What is Your Choice?

Leaving things to the hands of UNPREDICTABLE circumstances?

Or, Start taking charge of something that is highly predictable?

Some stay-at-home mums may now be saying “I don’t have much of a choice! I do not have any work experience!

REALLY? Did Dani have any experience in succeeding in Network Marketing when she made that bold step forward?

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