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Stay at Home Mum – Worst Option?

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In my last post, I talked about how a stay at home mum can use her spare time to get a job or start her own business. Often, the job or business can be based on her passion. This way, time is used wisely for generating an extra stream of income for the family. A stay at home mum can be much more than ‘just a stay at home mum’.

For single mums, this part time job or business can help a lot with the family finances. It can also help the stay at home mum to pave her way for a self-reliant life. On a grander scale, her day-to-day work set a very good example for her children to follow. In the case of Network Marketing mums, this part time business can even be turned into an amazing career path!

I’d like to share this inspirational story about Dani Johnson, one of the most ‘unbelievable’ stories!

The religious message may be a bit too strong. Nevertheless, do not let those block your mind if you are not a Christian.


From ‘Beyond Stupid’ to Making Millions

I have recently came across a  FanPage that stay at home mums have the worst option in life. Is it really?

Let’s take a look at Dani Johnson’s amazing transformation journey. Click here to watch the 10-minute video clip.

Grooming for Success

Did you hear the passion in Dani about her strong desire in helping others to be successful?

“Who can we help to succeed?” is the reason that she is so successful.

At this very moment, you may be thinking that Dani was lucky. You may be thinking where on earth can I be groomed for success!

This brings back to my belief that Network Marketing is the MOST HONOURABLE profession on earth. One simply cannot be successful without first becoming non-judgemental, a better communicator, good at building relationships, having excellent time management skills and leadership skills.

The amazing thing is, the sponsor has YOUR best interest at heart. By default, if a team member is not productive, the team is not productive. The number 1 area that a new distributor needed to focus on is in getting the mindset right. A Success Mindset. A Prosperity Mindset. An Abundant Mindset.

Then, there is an on-going journey of Personal Development for the stay at home mum!

She is literally being groomed for success by the support team and her mentor.

‘I Am Not Good In Business’ Excuse

In my years of connecting with many stay at home mums. One statement comes up more often than others. This is the one: “I am not good in business.”

In most people’s mind, ‘in business’ means having business skills, a lot of start up capital and huge time commitment. It seems like they will have to be in a certain categories before they can be ‘qualified’ as a business person!

This is furthest from the truth in Network Marketing. People from all walks of life are joining this profession. The most important part is the mindset. Then, distributors are on a ‘Learn as You Earn’ mentoring program.

Was Dani Johnson a great business person when she just started? 

I knew Dani’s story well. Her secret is her willingness to learn and be 100% coachable.

‘The Marketplace Pays For Value’

This beautiful quote from Dani sums it all. The marketplace pays for value. When we learn HOW to provide value to others, we can earn millions, just like Dani.

Mindset matters a lot! If you are now thinking that getting rich is not really your priority, I encourage you to think in non-monetary terms. Can you imagine the value that you can provide to the world when you are as wealthy as Dani? She is featured in the ‘Secret Millionnaires’ TV Show and is constantly contributing to charities. Isn’t it a blessing that many more people can do that too?

What skills and talent can you bring to the marketplace?

What skills are you willing to learn so that you too can contribute to the marketplace?

I hope that by now you would not agree that stay at home mums got the worst options.

As Dani Johnson says, take responsibility. It is the key to an abundant life.

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